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Black Hoodie

Black Hoodie

Why we all love, loved and will never stop loving hoodies

We will bet you money that everybody has a hoodie in their closet and loves wearing it. That’s why, at Black Fashion, the hoodie is one of our bestselling items. Because when we say everybody, we mean e-ve-ry-body! From your local cashier to the hotshot lawyer on his morning jog, and let’s not forget Mark Zuckerberg, who confines the convention of respectable business clothing with his trademark gray hoodie. The hoodie goes beyond merely being part of streetwear clothing. Fact is: everybody loves to wear a hoodie, and there is a good reason why it’s the ultimate must-have basic.  


Let’s throw it back to the start

Did you know the hoodie is one of the oldest pieces of clothing? It’s been around for over 3000 years. It may not have been called a hoodie back then, but in Ancient Greece and Rome, the hoodie was a prominent piece of clothing. 

The modern version of the hoodie as we know it was introduced in the 1930s and was mainly meant to keep athletes warm while wearing it but was very rapidly adopted by workmen because of its comfort. Very soon, it gained popularity as people all around discovered the comfort and timelessness of the hoodie.

It wasn’t until the 80s that the hoodie became a substantial part of street culture and streetwear as it began to appear in both the skateboarding and hip-hop scene. Nowadays, it is safe to say that the hoodie is the leader when it comes to the attire of even the most influential individuals. A three-piece suit is meant for the bodyguard. The real VIP wears a hoodie as part of his casual flawlessness and the bold person chooses a hoodie by Black Fashion.


The power of the hoodie

Of all the clothing pieces in the world throughout history, the hoodie might be one of the oldest and most casual, while it carries out more symbolism than any other piece of clothing. As Black Fashion stands for: harmony, diversity, and quality, our hoodies represent exactly that.

In 2012 countless people all over the United States participated in the Million Hoodie March during a protest in memory of Trayvon Martin: The unarmed black teenager who was shot to death by a neighborhood watch captain in Florida. Because the young boy was unarmed and wearing a hoodie when fatally shot, millions of people marched in their hoodies, demonstrating to put an end to racial profiling.

The Black Fashion hoodie stands for harmony, diversity, and quality.


The ultimate must-have basic in your wardrobe

While hoodies may be pretty basic in their design, there are plenty of possibilities in wearing them. The hoodie stands for unity, is universal, and can be worn by both men and women throughout all seasons and ages.

Our Black Fashion hoodie can be worn oversized when curling up in front of the TV on a cold winter night. Or after a surfing session or at the bonfire on a late summer night. Wear it as a dress if you like. The possibilities are endless. 

Wear it when hitting the gym, on the weekend, or during weekdays. Match it with khakis, jeans, or chinos. Pair them with sneakers or boots. Did we already say the possibilities are endless? 



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